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 The X-1000 is a heavy duty and high performance currency discriminator  with dedicated reject pocket designed for many years of use.  The X-1000  is equipped with a very comprehensive user interface which has been  designed to allow operators to make their cash handling operations very  efficient.  The X-1000 has an ergonomic design and comes with a 3.5 inch  color display which provides operators with a clear visual of the  counting results.   The X-1000 incorporates the latest security  standards which provides for the most comprehensive detection against  counterfeit currency.  The X-1000 can process both Canadian and U.S.  currency and can easily be switched between currencies with the push of a  button.    The X-1000 unique clam shell design makes it very easy for  the operator to clean the machine and ensure worry free operation. 


 The IRD-1000 uses infrared counterfeit detection to prevent the  acceptance of counterfeit notes. It is the most compact counterfeit  detector on the market today. Designed for applications where space is  limited, it has an auto start feature which powers on the unit when a  bill is placed on the unit. The IRD-1000 counterfeit detection will  detect Canadian, U.S. and over 40 other currencies. Protect your business from accepting counterfeit money today! 



Fast and simple to check coin bags and note bundles

Future proofed to accept new notes and coins

Unique FlexiCup makes filling coin bags with counted coins quick and simple

Keeps a real-time running total, so you always know where you are in the count

Small footprint takes up minimal desk space

Portable so you can count anywhere, even without a power socket nearby

Use CountEasy to set your floats, making them quick and easy to prepare

Allows you to balance a drawer quickly, even in front of customers in case of a change dispute

Weighing mode allows you to weigh non-cash items such as vouchers

Intelligent learning software means notes in all conditions and environments are counted accurately

Unlike some machines there is no need for regular recalibration

Want to transfer data to your cash spreadsheets automatically? CountEasy  Connect software allows data to be downloaded instantaneously to your  cash spreadsheet, saving even more time and eliminating errors


 Simple to operate, the new CountEasy TS delivers great cash handling  efficiencies than any other count by weight scale in the world. This  coin and currency counting scale has been designed to work with the all  US bills and coins in circulation. Six times faster than counting by hand, the CountEasy TS is ideal for  skims, banking, shift changes, spot checks, and reconciliations. The new CountEasy TS is easy to use and allows a workforce with  minimal training, to accurately count and record contents of multiple  tills and currencies if necessary. 


 The Access series of cash  depositories are perfect for cash management and hold-up protection.   Your deposits drop through a heavily baffled one-way system that secures  them until an authorized removal. The cash depositories and utility safes by Access Security Products are made to the highest standards of security and quality to withstand the toughest retail environments. Available in multiple sizes


WebSafe is a scalable cash management and control solution that will  provide end to end cash tracking and accountability.  Websafe  provides a hardware and software based cash management and control  solution designed to meet the needs of Cannabusinesses.  


 The steady flow of cash into your back office needs to be counted,  allocated and secured quickly and efficiently. With the RCS-100 you take  control of your cash through an efficient cash cycle all the way  around, from internal note handling to CIT operations. This ensures both  time and cost savings, as well as an increased customer service. The RCS-100 is a powerful behind-the-counter cash automator. Make this  smart solution part of your daily operations and decision making,  instead of spending hours on administration and counting. This ensures  quick return of investment through dramatically improved cash  management. 


The RCS Solution is a powerful automator for your back office  operations within the Cannabis Industry. Make this smart solution part of your daily operations  and decision making, instead of spending hours on administration and  counting. This ensures a quick return on investment through dramatically  improved cash management. The steady flow of cash into your back office needs to be  counted, allocated and secured quickly and efficiently. With the  Recycling Cash Solution you take control of your cash through an  efficient cash cycle in all areas of your business, from internal cash  handling to CIT operations. This ensures both time and cost savings, as  well as an improved customer service. 


RCS Solution for Coins


 SDM 500 represents the perfect solution for retail back office. A small and smart, but high performing deposit unit, it is the right solution to meet any of your needs.The extremely compact top plate is made of an input tray which contains  up to 30 banknotes at a time, a simple and functional notes’ transport,  an exit tray, a top cover customizable in color and the BV5000 authenticity sensor, manufactured by CIMA in compliance with the regulations of the main Central Banks (Euro currency included).
The BV5000 bill validator is a full-image sensor, which combines the  most innovative technologies on the market, offering improved  functionalities and more room for possible customization.
The input speed is up to 6 banknotes/sec and is ideal to manage medium cash volumes.
A user-friendly interface completes the work: the operator identifies  himself through the Dallas key or the card reader and follows his  deposit on a touch screen, and then prints his own receipt. 

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